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... and other recent projects of note.

Fireplace Home Custom Home - A 2,000 square foot custom home designed by Minglewood, located in Keene, Va. Lovingly hand crafted for today's contemporary living. Design: Minglewood Associates. More information.

Arora Addition - Construction of a custom 2,000 square foot addition to a physician's home in Ivy, Va. Architect: Robert Boucheron.

Leveque Addition - Construction of a custom 2,000 square foot addition to a chemical executive's home in Ivy, Va. Architect: Laramore & Associates.

Enniscorthy - A multi-million dollar project located in Kenne, Va. Framing, exterior trim, interior trim, and hardwood flooring contracts. Architect: Browne, Eichman, Dagliesh, Gilpin & Paxton.

Custom Residence - Exterior and interior trim of a highly detailed, custom residence. Architect: Farmer, Pucket & Warner.

Miller Residence - Exterior trim and flooring. Architect: Russell Skinner.

Desseau Residence - Interior trim and flooring.

Univeristy of Virginia Hospital Renovation. - Cabinet and trim installations on six floors.

The Farm - Exterior trim for an architect's residence in historic downtown Charlottesville. Architect: Michael Bednar.

Boucheron Renovation - Complete renovation of a 1,600 square foot home in historic downtown Charlottesville. Architect: Robert Boucheron.

Keswick Home Keswick Properties - Interior trim. Architect: Stoneking von Stork. More images.

Millmont Shopping Center - Exterior trim.

Charley's - Cabinetry and trim installations to a new restaurant in Lynchburg, Va. Architect: Shank & Gray.

Gibson Residence - Extensive renovations to a 1960's residence in Ivy, Va. Design: Minglewood Associates. Ball Residence - Framing, exterior and interior trim, and siding, for a custom home in Batesville, Va. Architect: Lee Zorn.

Paxton Residence - Exterior trim for an architect's residence. Architect: Bob Paxton.

Phelps Home Phelps Residence - A sophisticated renovation to an unusual modern home located in Free Union, Va. Architect: Mitchell-Matthews & Associates. Full image.

Drysdale House - Framing, exterior trim, flooring, door and casework. Architect: Train & Spencer.

Ritchie Residence - Painting, flooring and decks. Architect: Browne, Eichman, Dagliesh, Gilpin & Paxton.

Cole Residence - 2,000 square foot addition to a rustic home in the Red Hill area. Architect: Nancy Long.

Rhett Residence - Interior and exterior trim contracts, Free Union architect's residence. Architect: John Rhett.

Ruth/Hamill Residence - Renovation of an existing home and a 900 square foot addition for a pair of physicians in Ivy, Va. Architect: Lee Zorn.

Passen Residence - General contractor for a 600 square foot addition and complete remodeling of an existing home, for a retired counselor/therapist. Design: Minglewood Associates.

Rothenberger Addition - An addition to a Schuyler home. Design: Minglewood Associates.

Bell Residence - Custom all solid wood cabinetry project, for a professional athelete in a natural / energy efficient home. Design: Minglewood Associates.

Cunningham Residence - Renovation and custom cabinetry project in Batesville, Va. Design: Minglewood Associates.

Lane Residence - Extensive renovation project, including exterior and interior trim. Architect: Bahlmann Abbott.

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