Our Philosophy


As we begin our tenth year of business I hope you may have heard of our company, Minglewood Associates Ltd.. We've built our reputation by providing the finest General Contracting available in central Virginia. Our aim from the inception of the company has been to be the best custom builder; to offer the best product and service to our customers. We strive to make our services indispensable. Importantly, there is the true team spirit of a young company. Our management is approachable, and the company vision is, in large part, the common vision of its employees. Central to that vision is the concept of building from the heart because that is simply the most satisfying way to carry out any project. This means striving to give the best of ourselves and make the homebuilding process as good an experience as possible for all concerned. At Minglewood, we are also motivated by our pride; building a well designed home gives all of us a chance to show our talents, to express our appreciation for beauty and teamwork throughout a house.

Jim Masterson

Minglewood Associates, 2890 Pleasantview Lane, Charlottesville VA 22901
Phone: (434) 978-1171

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